National Picnic Week

June 18, 2018

National Picnic Week

Did you know it’s National Picnic Week this week?

When I think of picnics, I imagine a romantic ideal, taken straight out of a Jane Austin novel. There’s a pretty blanket, a wicker basket full to the brim of delicious home-cooked food, perhaps a bottle of prosecco and my absolute favourite, scones with jam and cream. An Instagram worthy event on a beautiful summer’s day.

But has anyone ever achieved this image of perfection?

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I know I haven’t!

Our picnics are often a last minute, spontaneous affair which requires a quick dash to M and S to grab some packets of ready-made beige food with some strawberries thrown in.

We’ll find the perfect spot and lay all the food out, at which point the wasps join the party. We’ll spend the entire time swatting them away, inevitably knocking over my large glass of fizz. The kids will turn into locusts, polishing off the food in 3 minutes flat, leaving me with a slightly squished sausage roll and the quiche they didn’t like.

And then there’s the dog. I’ll spend the entire time running after her shouting Poppeeeeeeeee! Get away from that fooooooooodddd!!!!

Not the most relaxing time.

But despite all this, picnics still hold that special charm for me and I love nothing more than to hot foot it to the beach with the kids and the dog, armed with a towel and swimmers.

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You can get inspiration for the perfect picnic spot here and if you'd like to take away the hassle of making your own picnic then you can order a gourmet picnic hamper from The Little Kitchen Co.

If you've got a favourite picnic spot or food you like to pack then please do share, I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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